Stay Fly Girls!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Called. The Chosen.

"For many are called, but few are chosen." Matthew 22:14
Acts 17: 26-27 (AMP)
Judas.  We all know that name right?  He was one of Jesus' twelve disciples, during His life he was considered one of the strong men of God, one of the followers of Christ; walking with Him, learning from Him, watching Him perform miracles and transform lives.  Judas was right there - one of the elect - he was in the crew, part of the entourage!  If we were there when Jesus was on earth we could have looked to Judas for guidance and counsel, thinking that because he was so close to Jesus he must have the answers.  You know how our minds work, if we see someone close to the boss we look at them as being in the direct favor of the boss.  Although we now know that Judas was the original sell-out, we wouldn't have known it then.  But Jesus knew. God knew.


You see, God made a choice before the Earth began who were the chosen, who were the select.  Judas walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, he even had a powerful support team.  Imagine if your closest friends and co-workers (yup, them too...) were all Christ following, God believing individuals.  If you were in that position you would do everything right, right?  Clearly not...  And not to mention Judas was the treasurer!  He was the money guy, the accountant for the group.  The person everyone trusted to hold their cash... Seriously Judas?!  How could he cross over to the dark side?  Why did he lose focus and get off track.  He was called, but he was not chosen.

Judas may have been in the clique but his heart wasn't where it should have been.  Had we been there at the time we may not have known this, but God knew.  Jesus made a commitment to God not to lose anyone he had been given.  He keeps that promise - "I have not lost a single one of those you gave me." John 18:9 NLT. Jesus keeps His promises.  He will guide/ love/ motivate/ save those whom God has given to Him. Those whom God has chosen. 
If you have been called to redemption through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior you must search your heart for the source of your existence.  Dig down deep in your heart and soul for the glimmer of light that God has placed in each of His creatures.  Dig down, through the mistakes, the hurt, the bitterness, anger, pride, hatred, envy, and even the shame.  Give all of that up and turn it over to God.  
You may associate with the right crowd of believers but you may also have the heart of Judas.  You may have been called; but have you been chosen?  Do you want the status of being 'with' the Jesus crowd or do you want the salvation of a clean heart?  Dig down deep girls...ask God to do the miraculous work in you that will purify your heart and renew your mind and spirit.  God has big plans for you my dear!

John 17:24
How about that for a promise from God?  Stay fly girls!